What is Analyzing & Interpreting?

What is Analyzing & Interpreting?

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Kristin Elliott
March 6, 2024

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In Kurz and Bartram’s Great Eight competencies, Analyzing and interpreting are defined as “showing evidence of clear analytical thinking, getting to the heart of complex problems and issues, and applying expertise effectively.” A person who analyzes and interprets in the workplace writes correctly, clearly, and fluently, applies technical expertise when needed, analyzes and evaluates information, produces solutions, and demonstrates systems thinking.

Analyzing and Interpreting in the Workplace

Employers often look for candidates who possess skills in reasoning and problem-solving - it ranks among the top five sought-after skills in many industries. These are the people who can look at the puzzle pieces set out on the table, see how they fit together, and understand the big picture they make.

People adept at analyzing and interpreting can work very well in team situations. They are able to keep projects on track by evaluating scenarios put before them and understanding solutions that may not be as obvious. Additionally, they can work independently, as their ability to analyze data or situations can help them streamline their tasks. 

While analytical thinking is beneficial to most jobs, there are certain career paths in which analytical thinkers would most thrive. Some of these involve money, such as accountants, investment bankers, and financial analysts whose responsibilities involve the accurate accountability of cash flow and foreseeing where and when it can be best maximized. The sciences are also a natural fit for analyzing and interpreting individuals, as they are constantly theorizing, experimenting, and presented with findings that must be carefully reviewed and understood. 

Critical thinkers also thrive in leadership situations, such as managers or supervisors. Their ability to foresee future needs and connect the dots between variables can help improve the efficiency and outcomes of those they lead. Additionally, in observing and monitoring, they are able to adjust and adapt to ensure operations stay on target.

Is Analyzing and Interpreting Learnable?

There are some for whom analysis comes naturally, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be learned. There are many ways to hone those skills

The education for careers such as data scientist or project management will include curricula aimed at developing analytical thinking and problem-solving. Additionally, continuing education and staying up to date on current and emerging trends will help focus where to shore up necessary skills. 

It doesn’t have to be all classes and research. A bit of fun can be incorporated into developing analytical and interpretive skills with games and puzzles such as crosswords, chess, Scrabble, even a Rubick’s Cube.

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What is Analyzing & Interpreting?

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