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The world’s most advanced AI-powered candidate analysis platform

Adapting and Coping score of 76
Grit score of 73
Conscientiousness score of 92

Talent Select AI’s patent-pending conversational hiring platform seamlessly delivers validated and predictive candidate personality, professional competency, and motivational trait analytics – all from your standard job interview.

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A list of traits and competencies offered by Talent Select AI including Conscientiousness, Enthusiasm, Leading and Deciding, Grit, Openness, Proactiveness, and more

Predictive, Out-of-the-Box Candidate Insights

Talent Select AI goes far beyond traditional psychometric assessments, providing a holistic view of the entire candidate across 17 professionally relevant skills, traits, and competencies without a single test.

Our complete candidate assessments include the Big Five Personality Traits, the Great Eight Professional Competencies, and four new proprietary Motivational Traits: grit, enthusiasm, proactiveness, and empathy.

Talent Select AI’s trait and skill measures are constructed from well-established IO frameworks and undergo regular bias audits following EEOC regulations and emerging AI privacy legislation to ensure accurate, unbiased evaluations and to provide hiring leaders with the data they need to quickly identify and hire top candidates.
A list of traits and competencies offered by Talent Select AI including Conscientiousness, Enthusiasm, Leading and Deciding, Grit, Openness, Proactiveness, and more

How It Works

Talent Select AI gives you access to AI-powered candidate insights by analyzing the words they use right from the interview — no traditional psychometric testing, no gamified assessments, and no extra steps required.

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Step 1 - Identify Job Traits & Competencies

Use our analysis tool to determine critical traits & competencies
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Step 2 - Conduct Candidate Interviews

Complete one-on-one or panel-style interviews with each candidate
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Step 3 - Receive Predictive Candidate Insights

Use assessment scores to inform hiring decisions

Power Data-Driven Hiring Decisions with our Patent-Pending AI

Throughout our 15-year history in HR Technology, we have facilitated millions of video, audio, and messaging-based job interviews for enterprise organizations. 

As a result, our AI platform is uniquely tailored to meet the needs of talent acquisition and hiring decision-makers at organizations of all sizes. And with our seamless API, we can easily integrate with other video interview solutions and HR technology platforms to bring our validated, predictive candidate analysis data into your existing workflow.

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Analyze interview recordings and transcripts in minutes and receive accurate, comprehensive personality, competency, and motivational insights.
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Ensure accuracy with our transparent, patent-pending AI, backed by data from hundreds of thousands of job interviews, and heavily validated by third-party experts.
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Utilize Talent Select AI’s highly-validated out-of-the-box scoring, or further refine your scores by normalizing against your own custom interview data sets.
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Overcome unconscious human bias with a proven language psychology approach, ensuring each applicant receives the same fair, consistent, and unbiased assessment.

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