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Adapting and Coping score of 76
Grit score of 73
Conscientiousness score of 92

Originally founded as a digital interview company in 2007, Talent Select AI has spent the last few years focused on developing a new AI technology that aims to revolutionize the candidate assessment and psychometric testing industries, launching Talent Select AI via API integration in early 2023.

Throughout our 15-year history in HR Technology, we have facilitated millions of video, audio, and messaging-based job interviews for enterprise organizations. As a result, our AI platform is uniquely tailored to meet the needs of video interview solutions and other HR technology platforms, as well as hiring managers and decision makers at organizations of all sizes.

Talent Select AI is committed to continuing to drive innovation, with additional products slated to launch later this year.

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Our core science is backed by over 30 years of academic research
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We hold over 15 years of in-house expertise in recruiting and hiring operations
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Our technology and processes have been vetted by leading experts in the field of talent selection and IO psychology


Stuart Olsten

President & Chairman

Stuart has served as director of Gentiva (NASDAQ / Russell 1000 company) and as a director, chairman of the board of directors, and vice chairman and president of the Olsten Corporation (NYSE / Fortune 500 company). He also served on the board of Directors of Adecco and as the chairman of the operating board of MaggieMoos Int'l LLC. He was also on the Advisory Board of the Syracuse University School of Management. In 2017, Stuart acquired the software company Harqen where he spearheaded technology development that lead to the launch of Talent Select AI.

Heather Thomas

Chief Operations Officer

Heather joined Talent Select AI in January 2018. Prior to joining, Heather spent 25 years in recruiting, where she partnered with organizations in healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, financial services, and education to create and execute effective recruitment strategies.

Will Rose

Chief Technology Officer

Will oversees product development and technology operations. He has held senior leadership roles in IT operations, product management, and product marketing, and has extensive experience delivering cloud solutions to market. Prior to Talent Select AI, Will served as a senior executive at Newtek Business Services Corp. (a NASDAQ company).

Thao Phung, MSc

Head of Machine Learning Engineering

Thao brings to our team more than five years of experience developing data pipelines and machine-learning applications. She holds a MSc in Computer Science and has published seven papers in the fields of deep learning, image processing, gesture recognition, human-robot interaction, and virtual reality. Since joining Talent Select AI, Thao has been architecting a more efficient data pipeline to drive the improvement of our state-of-the-art machine learning model.

Marc Fogel, MS

Director of Product, IO Psychology

Marc joined the Talent Select AI team in Spring 2023 as Director of Product, IO Psychology. He is a seasoned practitioner with more than two decades of experience in Industrial / Organizational Psychology and Organization Development. Before joining Talent Select AI, Marc worked in various industries including finance, healthcare, and the military, and spent more than a decade with American Airlines, first coaching and consulting with leaders, before ultimately being tapped to lead the design and implementation of selection assessments enterprise wide.

Expert Advisors

Michael A. Campion, PhD

The Herman C. Krannert Distinguished Professor of Management, Purdue University

Dr. Campion is among the 10 most published and cited authors in the fields of IO Psychology and Human Resource Management. He is the former president of the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), the 2010 winner of SIOP’s Scientific Contribution Award, and named Distinguished Professor at Purdue in 2020.

Emily D. Campion, PhD

Assistant Professor of Management, Tippie College of Business, University of Iowa

Dr. Campion is an Assistant Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship in the Tippie College of Business at the University of Iowa and a consultant for Campion Services. Her research falls under the “future of work” umbrella and includes topics related to machine learning and natural language processing in personnel selection, alternative and remote work experiences, and workforce diversity and representation.