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What is Talent Select AI?

Talent Select AI’s patent-pending technology was developed alongside world-renowned industrial organizational (IO) psychology researchers, using the latest breakthroughs and research in IO, data science, and machine learning to provide hiring decision-makers with meaningful and predictive candidate analytics, so you can identify and hire your ideal candidates faster.

Building on decades of established research in language psychology, our innovative AI technology leverages cutting-edge IO psychology science, using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze the specific words candidates use in order to provide an accurate, objective and unbiased assessment of their unique skills, personality traits, and professional competencies.

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Talent Select AI accurately measures traits that are important and useful variables for hiring selectors — attributes that research has shown to correlate with workplace performance.
Michael A. Campion, Ph.D.
The Herman C. Krannert Distinguished Professor of Management, Purdue University, and world-renowned I/O psychologist.

What sets Talent Select AI apart?

Talent Select AI goes far beyond traditional psychometric testing, providing a holistic view of the entire candidate – from proactiveness and leadership to writing and presentation skills, to empathy and grit. Our complete candidate assessments include all the Big Five and Great Eight personality traits, as well as our own proprietary personality and skill measures.

Most importantly, Talent Select AI doesn’t require any testing, gamification, or other additional tasks for the hiring manager to administer or for the applicant to complete. Our comprehensive candidate assessments are generated directly from the job interview, significantly reducing time to hire while improving the overall hiring experience for HR staff and new-hire candidates alike.

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How does Talent Select AI ensure accuracy?

Our technology was developed jointly with some of the world’s leading IO psychology researchers — including our co-inventor Michael Campion, Herman C. Krannert Distinguished Professor of Management at Purdue University — and is heavily validated by third-party researchers in both IO and language psychology fields.

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Our IO team defines and develops each of our trait constructs to ensure relevancy to the workplace and job performance.
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We train our AI models against millions of job interviews spanning a broad sample of job and company types — including from Fortune 500 companies.
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Our models and results are heavily validated by expert third-party researchers and independently tested against both internal and external data sets.

What validation guidelines does Talent Select AI adhere to?

Principles for the Validation and Use of Personnel Selection Procedures

American Psychological Association

The Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing

American Educational Research Association
American Psychological Association
National Council on Measurement in Education

Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures

U.S. Government