The Top 3 Problems with Gamified Hiring Assessments
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The Top 3 Problems with Gamified Hiring Assessments

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Kristin Elliott
February 21, 2024

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Gamification in hiring is nothing new. Back in 1999, the United States Army began developing the video game America’s Army as a recruitment tool. Its success in Army recruitment spawned many updates and additional applications within the armed services.

But what is gamification exactly? Simply put, it’s the “application of gaming science and behavioral psychology to incentivize people [to] behave in a certain way, whether they are job seekers, employees or customers.” In the instance of hiring, gamification assessments are used to test a candidate’s ability and motivation to complete games, puzzles, and tests to determine aptitude for jobs and fit with corporate culture.

The gamification industry has continued to grow in popularity. Between 2016 and 2021 it increased in value from 4.91 billion to 11.94 billion U.S. dollars. Clearly, companies see value in this sort of assessment. 

But they should also be wary of relying on them too heavily. 

Let’s take a look at three of the main concerns with gamified hiring assessments.

  1. Candidates are Tired of Extra Steps
    A recent survey showed that 47% of job candidates already think the process takes too long. Adding in additional steps just creates more frustration in an already stressful process. Candidates frequently complain about potential employers disrespecting their time, and pre-employment assessments were included in those complaints.
  2. Questionable Relevance to the Job
    The same survey noted that 37% of candidates weren’t clear why they were being asked to complete the assessment, and 30% didn’t feel it related to the job. While a hiring manager may understand how a gamified hiring assessment relates to a job, if candidates are dubious, they may be less than willing to put in the effort to do well.
  3. Games Can Be Cheated
    A startling report last year noted that 30-50% of candidates admitted to cheating on a pre-employment assessment, with some reports finding rates as high as 82%. Stats like this should make employers question the validity of the results they are getting. Of the candidates who do cheat on assessments, how are they doing it?
    1. Searching the internet for test answers
    2. Having a friend take the test for them
    3. Hiring an individual or company to complete the test on their behalf
screenshot of a Google search showing sponsored listings of companies that answer assessments for candidates
Examples of the millions of search results for assessment outsourcing companies

Talent Select AI is tackling these concerns by introducing Conversational Hiring Assessments. The interviews recruiters are already conducting are analyzed to assess a candidate’s motivational traits, competencies, and personality. No tests. No gamified assessments. No extra steps. 

Our patent-pending AI technology analyzes the words candidates use to describe themselves and their experience. Developed by world-renowned Industrial and Organizational Psychologists, Talent Select AI has been validated and shown to accurately predict success in the workplace.

It’s time to stop playing games with your hiring process

At Talent Select AI, we’re committed to providing organizations with the objective, unbiased candidate insights they need to efficiently identify and hire best-fit candidates, faster.

Request a custom 1:1 solution overview today.

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