Cloud Disruptor of the Year Finalist - Talent Select AI

Cloud Disruptor of the Year Finalist - Talent Select AI

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Talent Select AI
February 7, 2024

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The 2023-2024 Cloud Awards were recently announced, and Talent Select AI was honored to be recognized as a Finalist in the Cloud Disruptor of the Year category. 

“Advancing to the next stage of The Cloud Awards program is a remarkable achievement and we’re excited to celebrate with all those finalists who made the cut,” says Head of Operations for the Cloud Awards, James Williams. “Talent Select AI deserves to be named a Cloud Awards finalist as their creative solution exceeded all expectations. With such a strong shortlist, for them to move on to the next stage is a huge result.”

We couldn’t agree more. 

Here are just a few ways Talent Select AI is disrupting the Hiring Assessment landscape:

  • Eliminates the need for tests
    The interview is the assessment
    • Streamlines the hiring process
      Removing a separate step for an assessment reduces friction and improves the candidate experience.
    • Can’t be faked or gamed
      Because the assessment comes straight from the job interview, not an extra step, it’s much harder for candidates to manipulate or impression manage.
    • Ensures relevance to the specific job
      Results are more relevant to the job because the assessment comes directly from the job interview.
  • Measures traits and competencies that have been proven to predict workplace success
    • Great Eight Competencies
      Many companies say they score for competencies, but the Great Eight were developed specifically from observable workplace behavior.
    • Motivational Traits
      Talent Select AI’s proprietary measures of four key motivational traits have been proven to predict workplace success from training to performance to overall organizational fit.
    • Big Five Personality Traits
      The Big Five (also referred to as OCEAN) traits do not predict workplace success, but they do measure characteristics that could aid or hinder how well someone performs in a role.
  • Removes bias from the assessment process
    • Does not build models from past data
      Data used from previous hiring decisions can be flawed as it may contain decisions resulting from bias - both conscious and unconscious. Instead, we build company-specific models based on traits and skills prioritized by the organization that are not based on demographic details.
    • Does not measure facial expression or vocal inflection
      Talent Select AI only analyzes the words candidates use to describe their experience and qualifications, not how they say them, so you can ensure each candidate receives the exact same unbiased evaluation every single time.

Talent Select AI worked with top Industrial and Organizational psychologists to develop, test, and validate our glass-box AI solution to ensure compliance with EEOC guidelines and local regulations regarding AI in hiring. 

“If an AI model helps make a hiring decision, it’s critical that we understand and articulate why that decision or recommendation was made,” says Will Rose, CTO of Talent Select AI.

Welcome to the next generation of hiring.

Request a 1:1 solution overview to explore how Talent Select AI can help you make more unbiased, data-driven hiring decisions while also delivering a better candidate experience.

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