Enthusiasm score of 89

Identify the best talent — faster.

The future of workplace psychometric assessments. No tests. No games. No extra steps.
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Conscientiousness score of 92
Grit score of 73
Proactiveness score of 62
Openness score of 82
Creating and Conceptualizing score of 71
Openness score of 82
Leading and Deciding score of 45
Extraversion score of 47
Adapting and Coping score of 76

Improve recruiting & hiring outcomes

reported greater confidence in selection decisions
increase in underrepresented applicant selection
faster time to selection decision
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Evaluate the whole candidate without a single test
Talent Select AI delivers the first truly non-invasive way to objectively understand and assess your candidates’ psychology, personality traits, and core skills — all from a standard job interview.

Talent Select AI is proven to...

Reduce time to hire

Cut hiring time in half and extend offers faster to increase acceptance among top-tier candidates and drive greater hiring ROI.

Improve the applicant experience

Simplify the application process for your candidates by eliminating the need for time-consuming tests and tedious additional tasks.

Advance DEI initiatives

Remove personally identifiable information and look beyond traditional success measures to gain a holistic, unbiased view of each candidate.
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Talent Select AI accurately measures traits that are important and useful variables for hiring selectors — attributes that research has shown to correlate with workplace performance.
Michael A. Campion, Ph.D.
The Herman C. Krannert Distinguished Professor of Management, Purdue University, and world-renowned IO psychologist
A list of traits and competencies offered by Talent Select AI including Conscientiousness, Enthusiasm, Leading and Deciding, Grit, Openness, Proactiveness, and more

Insights that matter to you

Our trait and skill measures are constructed from well-established IO frameworks, including the Big 5 Personalities (also known as OCEAN) and the Great 8 Competencies — as well as our own scientifically validated, proprietary measures, like Grit and Proactiveness — to provide hiring leaders with the data they need to quickly identify top candidates.
A list of traits and competencies offered by Talent Select AI including Conscientiousness, Enthusiasm, Leading and Deciding, Grit, Openness, Proactiveness, and more

The Talent Select AI Difference

Talent Select AI provides accurate, unbiased candidate insights by using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze the words they use right from the job interview — no traditional psychometric testing, no gamified assessments, and no extra steps required.
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