Goodbye Tests,Hello Conversations

Conversational hiring assessments make evaluating candidates faster, easier, more personal and more predictive by delivering more data without a single test.
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Traditional Hiring Doesn't Work in the Modern World

The modern corporate landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade, but hiring processes haven’t been able to keep pace with technology – until now.
10 days
until the best candidates are off the market. When the typical hiring process takes 4 to 6 weeks or more, you’re in a race against time to find, evaluate, and hire the right people before another organization beats you to them.
of job applicants said they lose interest in a role if it takes more than a week to hear back after the first interview. Outdated, time-consuming assessment processes and round after round of interviews are likely costing you some of your best candidates.
of employee turnover can be attributed to bad hiring decisions. With the cost of replacing an individual employee ranging from one-half to two times the employee's annual salary, bad hiring decisions cost US businesses more than a trillion dollars each year.

The Issues with Traditional Hiring Assessments

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They Slow Down the Hiring Process

47% of candidates surveyed said hiring assessments take too long, and top candidates aren’t likely to wait around for a lengthy, time-intensive hiring process.

Candidates Don’t Like Taking Them

37% of candidates surveyed said they don’t like taking hiring assessments because their purpose is unclear, while 30% said they don’t feel the assessments are relevant to the job.

Employers Don’t Get Enough Reliable Data

Most studies have shown that 30%-50% of job applicants are untruthful in personality tests, with some reporting rates as high as 82% — so what are these assessments really measuring?

Forget TestsA Conversation is the Best Candidate Selection Tool

Instead of slowing down the hiring process with lengthy assessments and tests, focus on engaging candidates with meaningful human conversations.

Using Talent Select AI to objectively analyze each interview transcript and seamlessly deliver predictive personality, competency, and motivational insights can help you make more informed, data-driven hiring decisions in a fraction of the time.

No more candidate friction, no more uninformed hiring decisions, and no more tests.

Say Hello to Conversational Assessments

See it in Action

The Conversational Assessment FrameworkInterview. Understand. Decide.

Vector illustration of a panel interview with four avatars
Conduct a one-on-one or panel-style interview with each candidate.
Vector illustration of 3D dot graph with one of the axis being the candidate profile and data groupings
Leverage AI to understand each candidate’s unique traits, competencies and motivations.
Vector illustration with candidate profile and a checkmark with bar graphs underneath
Make data-driven hiring decisions based on your unique roles, teams, and culture.
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Why Choose Conversational Assessments?

Create a more human hiring experience

With conversational assessments, you can focus on engaging in meaningful conversations with each candidate instead of spending time administering, scoring, and analyzing tests.

Learn more about each candidate

A conversational assessment approach provides more complete, predictive, and accurate applicant personality, competency, and motivational insights so you can make data-driven hiring decisions.

Reduce your time-to-hire by 50%+

Conversational hiring assessments can help shorten your time-to-hire by 50% or more, while providing a more positive candidate and employee experience that drives better hiring outcomes.

Ensure a fairer hiring experience for all

Talent Select AI helps even the playing field to provide a more holistic, objective, and consistent experience for candidates by analyzing every interview the same way, every time. No distractions, no favoritism, no bias.

Say Hello to the Future of Hiring

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