Automatically Assess Every Candidate With a Standard Job Interview

The simple solution to delivering highly actionable, easy-to-understand candidate insights that are meaningful to recruiters and hiring managers.
Perform Better Pre-Employment Assessments
Reduce time to hire
Eliminate bias in the hiring process
Improve the candidate experience

Qualify candidates during the interview without using a single test

Forget tests, quizzes, games, and standard assessments that cause friction in the hiring process. That's where Talent Select AI can help – a powerful AI-powered solution that can assess every candidate’s personality, competency & motivation with a standard job interview.
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Step 1 - Identify Job Traits & Competencies

Use our analysis tool to determine critical traits & competencies
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Step 2 - Conduct Candidate Interviews

Complete one-on-one or panel-style interviews with each candidate
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Step 3 - Receive Predictive Candidate Insights

Use assessment scores to inform hiring decisions
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Assessment Insights

Talent Select AI gives you candidate insights in just minutes after a standard video interview so you can make better and fairer hiring decisions.

4 Key Motivational Traits

Understand candidates better than ever before with motivational scores for grit, proactiveness, enthusiasm & empathy

Big 5 Personality Traits

Gain helpful personality insights based on the Big 5 / OCEAN framework

Great 8 Competencies

Measure key professional competencies that are proven to directly impact workplace performance