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See first-hand how conversational hiring assessments can help drive more data-driven hiring decisions, faster time-to-hire, and a better candidate experience.**
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We’re so confident in the power of our game-changing platform that we’ll provide complete personality, competency and motivational scores for a sample of your real candidate interview transcripts free of charge.**

Quickly and accurately measures soft skills, personality traits & motivation so you can:

Identify best-fit candidates faster
Reduce time-to-hire & create a better hiring experience
Better ensure cultural & organizational fit
Minimize human bias & subjective judgments
Provide fairness & consistency for all applicants
And because Talent Select AI now comes with built-in interviewing capabilities, you can manage the entire interviewing and assessment process in one place.

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Talent Select AI allows you to evaluate constructs that are historically not well measured, but are needed in virtually every job, from grit and resilience to communication skills, enthusiasm, and analytical thinking.
Michael A. Campion, Ph.D.
The Herman C. Krannert Distinguished Professor of Management, Purdue University

Assessment Insights

Talent Select AI gives you candidate insights within minutes after a standard video interview so you can make more informed, holistic, and effective hiring decisions.

4 Key Motivational Traits

Understand candidates better than ever before with new motivational scores for grit, proactiveness, enthusiasm & empathy.

Big 5 Personality Traits

Gain helpful personality insights based on the Big 5 / OCEAN pre-employment screening assessment framework.

Great 8 Competencies

Measure key professional competencies that are proven to directly impact workplace performance.